Bigfoot In Denver

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So I’m an independent professional wrestler and I’m new to this. My name isn’t big at all and I’d rather not mention my wrestling name due to the fact that I have wrestling friends who listen to your YouTube channel. I’m 19 and my friend is 18. This took place about 6 months ago and I’ve wanted to send it to you for a little bit now. I haven’t found the time to hunt with my friend for the longest time now and his step dad told him about a good spot in Denver, Colorado. It just so happened that I was wrestling an event in Colorado 2 hours southwest of there in about two months later at the time. So I was in Wisconsin and had wrestled my last match before we went to Colorado and my friend met me there. He went and watched my match, and right after that, I wasn’t booked for a match until 2 weeks later because I had requested to spend time with my best friend because I haven’t seen him in a long time. So the next day after staying in a hotel room, we took his tent and sleeping bags to the woods of Denver.

The spot was probably about 4-6 miles deep in the woods. We had 2 shotguns and we were hunting some coyotes. We were about 2 miles deep from the spot and into the woods when I knew that something had felt off. I didn’t say anything to my friend but I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was kinda weirded out too. I thought it was maybe just because I haven’t been hunting in about a year and a half and I just needed to get used to the environment again so I just brushed off the feeling. We finally reach the spot and my friend asks me if I felt like something was off as if we are being watched. I went ahead and said yeah but I think it’s just because we haven’t been hunting in a long time and we need to get used to the environment of this again. So we had camp set up and it was day light so no need for the fire yet. It was already hot as it was. So it was no later than 11am at the time and we went and found a good spot to sit and wait. We were there about 4 hours and at first it was nice.

We heard birds chirping, and saw squirrels running around chasing each other. It was so peaceful and so nice out there. All of a sudden, silence covered the land and we didn’t hear anything, anymore. We both looked at each other with a confused look and just kept watch. For the next hour we sat there in pure silence and we heard heavy footsteps behind us by about 15 yards. It had to have been big if we could hear it from that far out. We turned around and it stopped. No noises of footsteps anymore. We didn’t see anything and we just thought maybe it was a bear or something big. We then look at each other and my friend was as pale as a ghost. I mouth to him “Did you see something?” And he wasn’t moving. He was looking just past me over my left shoulder. I turned around and to my horror there was this beast of an animal. No not even an animal. Just a demonic son of a bitch beast. This thing had to have been about 7 feet tall. I’m already a big dude. 6’0 big and muscled up, but this thing made me look like a toddler from its size. It had a big gut and was just horrifying. This thing had a pure smell of just odor smelling like a wet dog, manure, and a sewer. I could have thrown up and I do not have a weak stomach. Not even if my life had depended on it. Covered in heavy dark fur and it’s like it was taking all the light away from the daylight. We stayed frozen in fear and didn’t move a muscle. It locked eyes with us for what felt like an eternity. I whisper to my friend “Don’t… move.”

I slightly look over to see him still crouched but slowly backing away. He was about 3 feet behind me to my left. I whisper this time slightly louder than before. “Stop fucking moving dude!” This… thing just starts bolting toward us and we dart off in the direction toward my truck leaving our other stuff behind. We hear these heavy footprints right behind us. I have never had this much stamina and we were running on just pure adrenaline. Faster than we have ever ran in our lives. All of a sudden the heavy footsteps behind us stop. We didn’t stop and kept running dodging trees and jumping over large knocked over branches that whatever this thing most likely knocked over sometime before we had encountered it. After what felt about 20 minutes of running we reach my truck and sit there gasping for air almost throwing up. We hear this demonic bloodcurdling scream. Next were howls all around us. None like we have heard before. I put the keys in the ignition and attempt to turn my truck on. Won’t start. We heard heavy footsteps all around us. More than one was preying on us. I try it again with my friend yelling in my ear to turn it on and again for the third time it wouldn’t work. They’re way too close now. Fourth time, it finally worked but at the same time that I floored it something big hit my truck. I looked in the rear view mirror as well my friend and this thing is standing in the bed walking slowly towards the back window. We’re screaming horrifically and I go “I don’t care if you mess up my truck!

Shoot it! Shoot it!” He quickly pumps the shotgun and fires. I watch this thing getting shot in the stomach fly out of the bed hitting the tailgate and making it pop loose but still attached. It hits the ground at the same time I slam on breaks and we don’t see it move. Just to make sure it can’t come after us, I pump my shotgun and say “Dude, stay in the truck.” He’s pleading with me not to get out but I get out and walk slowly over to this this and it’s whining. I honestly felt bad for the thing and heard the others getting close. So this thing isn’t in pain, I put the shotgun between it’s eyes and pulled the trigger. I hear them very close and my buddy going “Dude! Get in! Get in!” And he had already gotten in the drivers seat of my truck. I hop in the passenger seat and he floors it out of there. We hear the howling and we don’t say a word the whole way back to the hotel room. He gets in his truck and we say bye and he drove away. I called him a few days later and asked what he did when he left the hotel in his truck and he said he was curious to see if the… thing was still there and he went to check it out. He said there was a trail of blood like it was dragged away.


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