Monster In The Appalachian

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I remember 6 years ago when I was 19, me and a few friends went backpacking in the Appalachian range of Pa. We had set up camp in the early afternoon. We knew it was a dangerous area, so we each brought guns for protection against bears. Anyways, as it got closer to the evening at around 5 pm, I was fishing in a river about a quarter mile away from camp and I started to smell something bad. I couldn’t describe the smell, it was just bad. I heard some rustling in the bushes about 200 yards away. It was quite clear that it was footsteps from the sound. Almost thinking that it was one of my friends, I realized that they were south of me, so I started to panic. Whatever it was is getting closer to my fishing spot and the smell started getting stronger. My fishing pole in my left hand and my right hand on my gun as I was getting ready to unholster it. I couldn’t get over the smell, but at the same time, I was worried about my life. I kept my eyes looking in the direction of the loud footsteps. I can see a big open area kinda like a pasture about 65 yards away which is where the footsteps are coming from. I see what I think is a man in a possible reddish brown ghillie suit walking behind the trees on the edge of the open area, but the problem is that it was about 2 or 3 feet taller than me as I’m only 6’2, which was unbelievable. None of my friends are close to my height, but that thing that I saw was built. I can see the muscle movement of its legs. I’m no expert about sasquatch, but I do know what I saw was no bear as it was walking on two legs (not in any way that I’ve seen).Both the legs and the arms are primitive built like an oversized gorilla. The thing probably weighed about 900 pounds. It ended up vanishing as it went to my right in the deeper woods, but after the footsteps stopped, I heard what sounded like chatter (kinda like some sort of Indian language).After the chatter stopped, the footsteps started up again, but it was footsteps going in one direction and another sound of footsteps going in the opposite direction. I never told my friends about the experience because I didn’t want them thinking that I’m crazy. Some people might be skeptic about this, but I know what I saw and heard wasn’t in the ordinary


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