My Paranormal/Alien Encounter

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My story: Alien paranormal in my room –Back Info: I am from Chennai city, Tamilnadu, India.I live in a crowded place in the city, not in a remote rural area. In India the paranormal or cryptids or ufo encounters are very extremely rare. As it’s populated and people have been living here for many milliniums, much longer in comparison to places like the USA. Sorry my english is not very good like native English speakers and writers. Pleas bear with me, if I make any mistakes.
This happened in December 2017.I hadn’t worked a job since 2014.And finally got a job as a Technical support engineer in an IT company (don’t disclose this name: CSS Corp, head quartered in Utah, USA. I believe) in chennai around October 2017 I got this Job. About 30-45 mins from my house, pretty close by.
It was a graveyard shift job. I had to sleep in the morning from 10 am to 6 pm.It was a very professional experience at the work place. I was providing technical trouble shooting support for an electronic online streaming product (don’t disclose name: Roku). I was handling trouble shooting for tv channels like (you may disclose these names for authenticity: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Fandango and 200+ more.) The first four tv channels mainly.
My room layout is simple as seen in attachment image. 
In the mornings when I used to sleep I would have considerable amount of day light in my room. During the month of december 2017 there was an increase of work pressure at the office. I was scrolling through the American tv channel listing during break at work and saw this tv channel called shudder about horror. I did not think of it much nor do I relate looking at it at at office to my incident.
Once I did receive a call. I am not able to remember very cleary. But I remember I received a call and a very oddly toned voice seemed to be speaking an unknown language with me. It kept going for some time and I followed the instructions we procedure and disconnect the call. This happened during the end of December 2017. 
I used to be tired after work but during the end of December 2017 around the Christmas week I would return home and sleep but would never feel like I really slept. I would feel as though I just came home, slept and an hour or so had only passed. 
1. One day I woke up and saw the walls pinkish metallic in lights still lying in bed partially asleep. I was saying in my sleep I need to tell mom she has really made the room look great with theses lights while I was asleep. But when I woke I thought it was a dream as my room was just the way it was usually.
2. The second time I felt like sleep paralysis but something lifted my right hand and bumping its fist with mine and pushed my fists back like it’s overpowering my strength to push back my fist pointed towards it. When I tried to wake up it was like I had a dream effect where I won’t feel pain or fear and just really sleepy.
Once my mother had brought me some coffee during my sleep and I had grabbed her hand and pulled her all the while I wasn’t in control of my actions. I had snapped out of it and then gone to sleep again. 

I seemed to have some scratch marks, not severe in my hands. I would take it lightly.Story/Encounter-The incident:One day I was sleeping in the morning. I felt there was some one in my room. I thought it was my mother or father or both. Since my mother would come into my room occationally to tidy up the room or give me something to eat. 
This time though I felt the person in the room was more than just one person. I assumed it was my dad and mother, all the while in my sleep I assumed this. 
I was having this sort of sleep paralysis sensation. But in it I was praying lord Jesus help me wake up out of this and it released. So I turned myself on the bed and slept on my belly downward. A minute later. I felt a hand under my belly and it flipped me on my back, belly up.I weigh 110+ kgs and this time I was off in my sleep. I wanted to wake up and yell at my mom or dad for flipping me over to change the bedsheets. My mom or dad would occasionally change sheets in this manner when I was younger. During those seconds, before opening my eyes I was thinking “why and how are they doing things?” Being able to flip me belly up with one hand.
Unexpectedly I opened my eyes when I was flipped belly up and saw this humanoid towards my leg walk backward and vanish to the left into the wall and another doing the same, both realising I was awake. I clearly saw its face, body structure, it was dark and there was some kind of metallic glittering on it, like light being reflected from it but this light was emitting from its body. It was thin and had long arms, it looked like the leader of those things. A crown like pointed head. I sat and saw it walk backward into the wall and vanish. The other side of the wall is the interior hall of the first floor of my house. So there was no way it walked into that room. When it walked into the wall in reverse, It posed as though it’s aligning itself into some portal similar to how we would position ourselves while entering into a crowded elevator and tuck our body, face and hands inside before the elevator doors would close.
 I would have witnessed it for as long as 7-10 seconds clearly. I didn’t see any portals though.
I am a graphic designer as well and I have attached a recreation of how they appeared in my room. Now to think of it they looked very similar to a species of gaming characters that appear in the video game StarCraft 2 a bit more slender. 
One thing I can say. We call them ‘aliens/ufo/paranormal’ etc nowadays instead of demons or devil’s because if the devil exists the world doesn’t like to acknowledge that God also exists.
With this I come to the end of my experiences. Surely in my family we have witnessed quiet a few paranormal incidents but in all my experiences Nothing as close as something touching and flipping me over as though to examine me.
Please do let me know on the episode you would air this, if at all you decide to do so. Take care. 
Much regards,Isaac


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