Swamp Monster Experience

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Years ago i was working as chemicals operator at a company near the airport here around Huntsville Al. I was scheduled to work 3rd shift and i had extra time on my hands before going into work that night. So just before dusk i went down to a swamp i knew had some good bass and blue gills to tryout some new fishing lures i had just bought. Now mind you this in the afternoon hours and some people were still driving up and down this road getting home from work so traffic was pretty frequent. As i stood along the edge of the road and the swamp casting my lure out. I hear a very large tree snap and crash in the back side of the swamp. I’ve never heard a tree fall in the woods naturally before other than someone with a chainsaw cutting it. Then 2 minutes later another tree snapped and crashed close to the same area. Totally not a coincidence so I’m no longer fishing at this point, instead i started walking down the edge of the swamp and the road to get a better look into the woods. I couldn’t see anything moving or standing, at least as far as i could see anyways. Since the sun was going down behind the swamp it was very dark in those woods. I started to hear something running towards me, i wasn’t scared because i could tell it had to be a small animal running my way. Then out off the thicket in the woods came a red fox running straight at me and passed by me by about 2 feet crossing the road not even looking for cars or anything. It was completely scared out of its mind like something was hunting it. I turn back towards the swamp that this fox ran from and I could smell it. The smell of a wet dead goat that had been rotting in the hot summer sun for about a week. It was God awful too. I got that eerie feeling that I should leave, so that’s exactly what I did. To this day I’ve never gone into those woods to investigate what made me feel that way. I know that foxes don’t normally run toward people but that fox was scared of something in those woods, and it didn’t give a damn about me or heavy traffic. No i didn’t see a bigfoot or dogman, but then again ive never seen a black panther either and i know they are real. 2 trees falling, fox running by my legs, that horrible smell and the eerie feeling. Too much to be a coincidence for me. 


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