Was It A Dogman?

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I grew up in a hollow in a pretty small town in rural West Virginia. The hollow is roughly 3 miles long, but surrounded by family owned forest land at least 10 acres or more deep in every direction. The only homes located on the hollow were all family. We lived in the very last house on the road. We were the dead end of the road and our closest neighbor was an uncle about 200 yards down a field. 
My brother and I grew up very poor so we spent most of our free time outside roaming the woods and whatnot. I remember so many times wandering around in the woods when it would just fall silent around us. Birds suddenly stopped chirping, little animals stopped rusting in the leaves… just complete silence. We always took that as our own personal signal to head home like the woods were saying, “That’s enough for today.” As kids we never thought much of it, but now recounting this story it definitely makes sense. 
My brother and I grew apart as we went to middle school so we didn’t spend a lot of time together in the woods anymore and mostly stayed in our rooms like pre-teens do. One evening though our parents decided to go out for a bit leaving my brother and I with nothing to do. We decided to take a little hike for old time’s sake. I was around 12 and my brother about 14 so this was roughly June 2004 or 2005. He had picked up cigarettes as a habit so I credited his idea to head into the woods as an excuse to smoke freely and not have to worry about our parents popping in and catching him or smelling the smoke. 
We headed out and hiked a pretty decent distance from home, definitely far enough to keep his nicotine habit a secret from our parents and way, way out of sight. We decided to stop and sit for a bit. It was mid-evening and the sun was dimmer but left us enough time to hang out for a while and make it back home with time to spare before it was dark out. He set into smoking his cigarettes and I had picked up a stick and was just whacking plants and digging in the dirt. We were having short bursts of conversation, but mostly sat their lost in our own thoughts. After about 30 minutes of sitting there that strange silence fell over us and we looked at each other to gauge if the other thought we should head back like we used to as kids when it got quiet out there. My brother just shrugged and lit another cigarette so I went back to digging in the dirt, lost in my own business. I was feeling a little uneasy, but figured I was just being a chicken because my brother seemed completely unbothered. 
It was so silent I could hear my brother calmly breathing across from me and could even hear the tobacco crackle when he took a drawl off a cigarette. I heard a little rustling that sounded a little off in the distance and some twigs breaking. We literally grew up in the woods and were taught about all kinds of wildlife by our hunter of a father. I credited the rustling to a deer or coyote off a ways from us and never even looked up. A few minutes later though, something caused me to look up. The calm breathing I had heard from my brother seemed to catch in his throat. I jerked my head up to see what was wrong with him. His face was pure white and he was looking a little to my right and back behind me. Normally I would have laughed it off because my brother loved trying to scare me and play little pranks, but the look on his face was pure horror. I turned my whole body in the direction he was looking. About 50 or so yards away was a creature. 
This thing was standing on two legs and stood every but of 7 foot tall. Even at the distance it looked huge. I backed toward my brother without taking my eyes off this thing. It looked like it was covered in fur, dark brown or black. I’m not sure about the eyes since we were just far enough away not to make out the smaller details, but if the sun had hit them…. I can guess they would have been yellow or gold. 
We kept gaze with it for what seemed like hours even though it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two. It didn’t move the whole time we started at it to this point, like it was sizing us up just as we were it. After what seemed like an eternity (probably about 3 or 4 minutes by now) it kind of… huffed at us. It wasn’t a growl or snarl. It just seemed to be testing us to see how we would react if it threatened us in some way. We stood concrete still. It then dropped on all fours and took on single awkward step toward us like it wasn’t used to moving on all four, but wanted to seem animalistic. Again, we didn’t move. After being told all of your life not to run from predators or they will chase you, we weren’t risking a race with this thing. It took one more clumsy step toward us. When we didn’t budge, it took off in the opposite direction. 
As soon as it was completely out Of sight we DARTED toward home. I don’t think we had ever cleared the woods so quickly in our lives. We burst through the front door and locked it behind us. We just collapsed in the livingroom and never even spoke. 
Our parents made it home shortly after and were concerned they had to have us unlock the door to let them in. We never told them what happened and we never spoke about it even to each other. Not even to this day, and I am almost 28 years old. My brother passed in 2015 and I wish a million times over we had discussed what we saw that day. 
I plan to tell my father and uncle about this in the next week or so. I’m hoping with all the hunting they have done they have seen something too. I’ll write back if they have any stories to add. 


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