I’m from germany and my english isn’t that fluid but I hope I can formulate everything in the right way. This Story is a 100% true and happened to me and my best friend yesterday. First to know I’m a 19 year old boy and my best friend is a 20 year old girl. For privacy reasons I changed my and my friends name slightly. Now to the Story.  Me and my best friend Jessi are often at night in the woods. We are pretty big horror fans and love the feeling of beeing scared but yesterday (26.01.22) was just to much. It was fully dark as we went into the woods. Thats nothing special for us because we do things like that every other day. We love the nature and know “our forest” like our own backyard. We never take flashlights with us because we have a relatively good nightvision and as I said, we know the forest very well. We encountered already strange things like a tree that bleeds all year with other trees leaning against it or stange noises in the bushes but never had we withnessed something that strange.

As we walked into the forest it was, like every other night. Nothing special. We were roughly fifty meters in (I think c.a. 100 feet or more) as I felt strange. It felt like something stared into my soul but I thought it was just paranoia because it was dark. But then I noticed something.  Everytime Jessi and I took a step on the shutter trail a step echoed from inside the forest. I stopped walking and so did Jessi. She knows that when I stand still without a reason it’s because I heard something. But as we stopped walking the crunching steps in the bushes stopped to. As Jessi asked what I’m hearing I tell her I hear steps beside us. At first she didn’t believe me but as we started to walk again she heared it to. I’m not one who is easyly scared but back then I nearly pissed myself.

I told Jessi that I don’t think we should go further and we should turn around. She agrees and we head back. As we go back to the entrance the footsteps beside us turn their direction and they’re heading now in the same direction as we do. The feeling of danger becomes unbearable and I tell Jessi to run. So she and I start sprinting back to the entrance the steps in the bushes easyly outrun us but we managed to leave the forest.

Now see… I know it is stupid but we are pretty curious and still want to go back in the woods. At least Jessi wants to. After some arguing I finally agree but with the condition that we don’t take the same entrance as we did before.  So we walk to another entrance and head in. I didn’t hear anything on the way to entrance Nr.2,  so I’m pretty sure that we shouldn’t encounter that thing that we heard again. The only way we would encounter whatever-it-was again, would be that it stalked in extreme silence after us or it would understand german language. I was pretty confident that we would walk a little bit and nothing would happen.  As we reached entrance Nr.2 everything was normal. We went in walked along the little creek we’re so familiar with and this whole time nothing out of the norm happened. The only strange thing was the silence. It was like nothing in this forest was alive. I noticed the silence back at entrance Nr.1 but didn’t think much of it but now I just remembered that silence in a forest full of animals means some predators could be around. But this couldn’t be because where I and Jessi lived were no bear or wolf sightings for nearly four generations. The biggest carnivores we have are foxes and a fox isn’t big enough to scare other animals away. But either way while I was sunken in my thoughts Jessi and I already got to a fork in the road. This was the moment we heard the steps again. But this time they were not even like ours. They were as fast as we were but not like an echo and more like something tried to imitate us but couldn’t get the timing right. I started to sweat uncontrollable and the feeling of somethinf throwing a death stare at me returned. I looked at Jessi and saw she had tears in her eyes. I wasn’t alone with the extreme fear of something unknown. We were relatively deep inside the woods by now I think it would be 300m (c.a. third a mile I think) and I knew we had to get out now. All my instincts kicked in and I took Jessis hand and we bolted like our lives depended on it. See I’m not the best in sports of any kind but I’m very fast and fairly strong so it wouldn’t be a problem to just get out of there but Jessi is not as athletic as me so I had to fall back a little to ensure she still runs and nothing would jump her from the bushes. We ran like there were no tomorrow but the thing in the bushes easyly kept up with us. Thankfully we could already see the entrance we came in so we gave every stamina we had left and ran out of there. I didn’t look back the whole time we were running but as I did after we stopped on the well lightened street outside the forest I thought I could make out a pair of yellow eyes hovering 6ft5 above the ground. I didn’t tell Jessi because I didn’t want to unnerve her even more. But ever since I’ve seen those eyes I feel like something follows me. I want to go back and see what followed us but I’m to scared to go alone and I don’t want to bring Jessi with me in case something happens. I’m curious but not pretty sure if I want to know what it looks like up close. If someone has any suggestions what this could have been please tell me


By Jackson