YouTube Channels

What Lurks Beneath operates across multiple YouTube channels you can check out!

What Lurks Beneath

The primary channel. This is the main hub of all content. New stories are posted on this channel almost daily in long-form narration. As of Jan. 2022, Season 3 has started. Don’t miss out!

Check it out here:

What Lurks Between

The secondary channel of the main trio. This channel, while posting compilation content of the above channel, also publishes new content multiple times a week in the form of 20 to 30 minute episodes. This short content is unique to this channel! Along with the new year, I have some big changes coming underway!

Check it out here:

What Lurks Above

This is the third channel of the trio. It acts much like the above channel in the sense where it’s compilation content. This works great because instead of sifting through hundreds of old episodes, these two channels are the perfect place to jump back in time in massive blocks of listening experience. Also posts short unique content multiple times a week!

Check it out here:

Unearthing Stories

Finally, a breath of fresh air. Unearthing Stories sees me story telling in a face-to-face format, on camera. Instead of focusing primarily on just cryptids, the paranormal, etc. I cast a wider net, detailing not just eyewitness accounts, but even things that are more of the realm of mysterious, unknown and paranormal. If you’re a fan of the main channel, you’ll LOVE this channel!

Check it out here: