About Me

What Lurks Beneath is dedicated to bringing you eyewitness accounts, stories that feature the bizarre, strange and paranormal, and everything else that fits into the realm of the unknown.

Dominick is a full time narrator, author, business man, and runner of the What Lurks Beneath/Between/Above channels. He began his channel in 2018, which has since grown into an accumulative community of over one hundred thousand subscribers across three channels. His stories have been listened to by thousands upon thousands of listeners.

Dominick, who is the man behind the eye, runs three successful YouTube Channels detailing the stories and accounts of all things strange, paranormal and usually involving cryptids or conspiracies. Dominick, who was born on the east coast in New York, and moving to Portland, Oregon when he was just three years old. Dominick grew up in Portland, and would later move to southern Washington where he currently resides.

It should be noted that there is no way possible I can prove the truthfulness of any account listed on this website, as such, every story is to be taken with a grain of salt and enjoyed for entertainment purposes.