Goatman Encounter Sightings

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While many of these stories are not my own, I have acquired them over some time. For many people, I’ve talked to too many people I know. Call me a wannabe Amateur cryptozoology researcher or something of that nature. But I enjoy collecting stories of things that are not supposed to exist. The topic in question is the sighting and existence of the Goat Man. Is this a folklore tale? Or is this more true than ever before? Around the Blue Hill mountain area settled in northeast Georgia, there are far more encounters and sightings of this particular cryptid than ever before. I’ve had many eyewitnesses come forward with their harrowing tales of seeing this supposed beast, walking around stalking their houses, killing pets and family members, and far, far worse, terrorizing entire groups of communities.

The first story I wanted to share with you was by an older gentleman, who lived by himself against the Appalachian Mountains, kind of more tucked into the woods, not entirely a loner, but his wife had passed many years prior. All of his children grew up and moved far away. He didn’t have much, but he was by himself. This man was not a man of ghosts, supernatural, God, or angels. But he could not deny the existence of what he calls the goat-man because he had seen it with his own two eyes. On multiple occasions. He described it as exactly what it sounds like a creature looking to be half-human, half-goat, a perfect hybrid of the two, but not in the way that Greek mythology depicts them, with a flute in the mouth, and is very gentle, docile beings. From what he told me, these things were very violent, and he attempted to take his life on several different occasions, he told me. His words were that he believes this thing targeted him because he was an easy target, being elderly, all alone, as if it made him more fragile and easier to overcome. But they never did. He kept an old rifle, passed down from his old grandfather, which he had claimed to me, and saved his life on more than one occasion. For whatever he also told me, these things have a fear of fire. He would like torches around his house and looked into handcrafting, some handmade flame thrower-like device, not like the ones you see in movies, but some way to project flame directly out forward without being too dangerous. However, he never did achieve such a thing. Along with the fear of fire, they also appear only to be nocturnal and that they’ve only ever tried to break into his house during dusk or nighttime.

He’s never seen them during the day, only when the light is low enough, but describes them with the words demonic, horrific, and vicious, and this same older man. And for the sake of his identity. I’ll keep his name anonymous, but we’ll call him Henry so that you can understand who I’m referring to. He claims that he had been living in the house for well over 30 years. But it’s only recently started to see them in the past 10. What he believes is a cycle. They only come around every few years, for a short amount of time. And that’s what he believes. Judging from other encounters and eyewitness stories, I don’t exactly myself personally believe that. It could just be that they travel through specific areas through specific years and seasons. But I don’t know; I’m trying to gather as much information on Goat Man as possible. It’s a rather new cryptid for me, so I’m still learning as I go. But, like the skinwalkers of the Navajo region and other cryptids that appear to be specific to different regions of the United States in the world. I’ve only ever heard of Goat Man in the south, from Texas to the east coast. So, I’m wondering if this is some demonic summoning ritual, or perhaps there is something more at play here than any of those things. Anything I can comprehend? Personally, because of the different accounts that I’ve read and been told, they all lead me in different directions.

As far as this creature is, origines Henry’s encounters with this Goatman seem to come and go. And last I spoke with him, which was just a few months back. He hadn’t had any encounters with these things for at least a couple of years, which is good for him. Another lady, whom we’ll call Annabelle, had a family with a husband, three kids, and a dog living very close to Texarkana, the border to Texas and Arkansas. She said that she saw one in the process of strangling her Rottweiler until her husband shot it right in the head but didn’t even seem to hurt it. But the shot successfully drove the creature away, whether in fear of getting reshot or what? I’m not sure, but you think any rifle should be enough to kill anything, especially when a bullet is aimed at the skull of any living creature. This is not the case, which is partially why I’m leaning similarly on the side of this being a supernatural entity because there are things that defy reality. Annabelle and her family had never seen the likes of this creature before. And not until this one offshoot time where it revealed itself, not caring that it could be seen by the entire neighborhood, nearly killing her dog, but only shortly before her husband noticed and took immediate action. Since this happened back in the summer of 2012. They have not seen it return. But after speaking with Annabel’s husband on the phone, he has told me that he still hears screams, sometimes far off in the backwoods. They’re not always there. And sometimes they’re fainter than other times. But he says he believed the screams are from this creature, whatever it is since he knows just about every sound of every animal they live around. And it matches no known description of any creature he’s ever run into another fascinating account, which I attribute much credibility to this particular individual. And they used to serve as an officer. And I hold their word as very truthful. They have nothing to gain out of making this up. And after speaking to set individuals, they wished to remain completely anonymous.

So we’ll call them Daniel. Daniel told me that when he was an officer, working up in the state of Maine, for about four years, he was driving in a very rural area in Maine when this thing could be seen standing up in a field next to the road. He told me he got a full look at it from head to toe, or what can be seen in the tall grass, and said at first; he assumed it might be a person with a Halloween costume and a prop. But the more he looked at it and studied it; he realized it was far too realistic looking. And the most disturbing part is that it was indeed holding a weapon. looking somewhat like an old-style ax. He was so shocked and intrigued by this sighting, he slowed down his police car and took a second to take it all in the creature because the direction it was facing didn’t seem to take notice of his car. But he got more than enough of viewing than he ever could have wanted to. He told me that before that sighting, he had never even heard of or been made aware of the folklore legend of the Goat Man. And when he saw it, he was not only terrified but puzzled at what he could be looking at.

Now, Daniel knows all too well that these creatures do exist. And not just the southern states. But all along the east coast as well. Another bizarre yet fascinating story comes from another man in his 30s that I spoke to recently. His name is Paul. The last name I won’t reveal. But in the past year or two, he was hiking in eastern Pennsylvania when he encountered a strange smell and feel. He said if you’ve ever been in a thunderstorm, and there’s a smell to it, you could feel the denseness and the humidity in the air. You can feel a storm coming. And that’s what he told me that he perceived all around him just from the moisture, the humidity, and the smell. The only problem was the day He was hiking around; it was clear skies, bright and sunny. And in March, then he went on to say that for a brief amount of time, the air surrounding him from feet to head became filled with static electricity. And he felt the hair on his body, and his head stood up. He told me it was one of the strangest sensations he’s ever had. It only lasted for maybe 45 seconds, he recalled. But afterward, he had the sighting that would change his life and forever make him rethink entering the woods. He told me this, and I quote, I was about three and a half miles away from my vehicle. When all of these things begin to happen around me.

I listened to my gut. Because at this point, it was screaming, I should turn back. Something was wrong. I wasn’t sure what. But I know enough always to trust your gut; I began making my way back, having to climb down over the small ridge. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw it, the Goat Man, the thing that I’d only ever heard about and stories, a legend that I always thought was fake. But here I was seeing it in person. And I’ll tell you this, laying eyes physically on this sort of being is the closest you’ll ever get to physically seeing a demon in real life. Easily nine to 10 feet tall. This thing was towering and, to me, resembles more of a Minotaur than it did a goat-man but still had that gruesome demonic look to it. It did not have any clothes on. It did not have an ax and its hand; it seemed to be making its way across a large ridge and wasn’t paying any mind to me. Had it looked over in my direction. It could have easily seen me. It’s not like at that moment, and I had no brush or anything to hide behind. I was sticking out like a sore thumb. Had this thing just turned its head? I’m glad it did not. It continued off into the woods and was gone. It was going at a pretty good pace. It appeared to be on a mission to get somewhere.

Maybe it came through a portal. Maybe that’s why I experienced the static electricity feeling. Maybe that’s why I smelt the thunderstorm. On a clear, bright, sunny day, after having follow-up phone calls with Paul. He informed me that he has since gone back to that same section of woods where he supposedly saw the Goat Man. He hasn’t seen it since. And it’s not going to keep him from doing what he loves most, being out in nature. But he is very much more aware of his surroundings and the existence of Legends, or things that he thought were a legend. One of the things we talked about when we were on the phone. And I’ll never forget this was when he told me, you know if goat-man exists. What others supposed legend that we were told growing up doesn’t exist now exists. This opens the door for all realms of possibilities, including Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and even ghosts. The last eyewitness story that I’d like to share with you in this email comes from a young 19-year-old gentleman named clay, who was out on an evening hike just this last year in 2019. When he saw on a small segment of beach in South Carolina, what he described to me as a half-man, half-goat figure dragging. And now, here’s the disturbing part, dragging a human body behind it. Where it was going, he wasn’t sure. But he immediately didn’t feel right. And called 911.

Police were able to go down there and inspect. But they never found anything. No footprints, which should have been impossible not to find. Considering this thing was walking in sand and dragging a human body behind with it. It’s eyewitness stories like these that truly disturbed me. When you hear just how frightened the individual was. Upon seeing this thing off in the distance. I have tons more stories that I can share with you. And I hope you’re open to hearing them. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve sent you thus far. And if I’m lucky, maybe you’ll decide to use them. You have full permission to Let’s keep an open line of communication. As I’m sure if you do use this. Your viewers will be hungry for all sorts of other cryptid sightings. I’ve got plenty as I keep close tabs with many individuals with their own horrifying Personal sightings. Thank you and take care.

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