Ouija Board Horror Story

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Sorry it’s taking me so long to write you my real life experiences.  All I can say is that there are a lot of people in this world that typically clam up and hide traumatic experiences especially if it was far out of the ordinary.  Some have just one bad experience and they can’t even talk about it, causing them to have ptsd for the rest of their lives.  And as I’ve told you I’ve had many supernatural experiences.  Some good.  But mostly bad.  And I’m tired of living with it alone inside myself.  I have this need to dump the baggage.  Finding you and being able to freely and anonymously share my life experiences has helped me in some ways.  Just finding it difficult to pull it out into words.    Thanks again for sharing my letters to you with your audience and if they can learn something from it that is very satisfying to me.  I will write to you more in the future as promised.  Just takes a lot out of me to dig it out, so sorry for the procrastination.  Last story was about ufo’s.  Hearing you read that gave me chills.  I honestly must admit I teared up a little bit.  Like it happened to me yesterday.  I think from here on out I will try to tell you my experiences mostly time consecutive but lump all relevant future experiences to the particular topic being discussed.  Start at the beginning, move on to later moments in life and add relevant information in future time to the story tying it all in so it makes sense.  Okay.  Let’s get to it.  This account will be about Ouija boards or should I say one in particular.  This was a long long time ago.  At the beginning of my life.  In the 1970s.  Back when I was about 4 or 5 my family and I lived on Delisle [Dee LiaL] Avenue in Roosevelt New York.  My parents had 5 daughters and me.    On one occasion my stepgrandmother paid us a visit along with my dad’s father.  It was a nice visit.  But before she left she left behind a gift to my sisters.  My parents did not know about it.  For my sisters we will use pseudonyms.  Oldest to youngest is Diane, Carrie, Tina, Aida, Sarah and myself who came along 7 years after the youngest girl.  After our grandparents left, Carrie and Tina being the most rebellious of us went down into the basement with the board.  We lived in a simple one level home with an attic and a basement.  I was not involved being so young at the time but apparently they played with the Ouija board asking it questions.  And it happily was replying, quickly answering their questions.  It didn’t take long though for them being only 14 and 16 to get a little freaked out about the supernatural movements and feelings they were getting from the board and the negative energy change in the room.  So they put it up somewhere, hiding it in the basement.    Carrie and Aida slept in one of the rooms of the basement sharing it and having twins beds, one bed at one end of the room and the other at the other end of the room.  That night they went to sleep.  About 3 am or so Aida woke up to the sounds of loud banging against the wall.  They always kept a night light on and she looked over and could clearly see Carrie partially lifted in bed getting her head banged against the wall as though some invisible being, very strong, had it’s hands gripping both sides of her head and violently moving her head back and forth against the wall.  Aida screamed and ran to get mom.  At that time my father was not there since he was an over the road truck driver.  My mom after frantically being told about what happened lighted a candle and grabbed her bible and went down stairs.  Carrie was crying profusely but at least the attack had stopped.    My mom opened the bible and read some passages and prayers over the room.  After finding out what all took place from the girls, since everyone was awake now, she took the Ouija board and broke it and trashed it.  I know a lot of people say it will come back but it never did.  In my opinion from later experiences I believe that whatever that being was did not originate through the board.  But use of the board awakened something that was already there.  And this was not an old Ouija board from what I’ve heard.  I think our stepgrandmom bought it brand new as just a novelty.  So it’s very possible the board had nothing really attached to it yet since not being frequently used.  I think from what I’ve learned over the years, it’s the old used ones that you really have to worry about.  I believe those kind should not only be prayed over but specifically ask to close the portal to it.  Then anointed with blessed oil.  Preferably olive oil so nothing gets released during the burning.    Another thing I had heard frequently over the years is that neighborhood was either near or built on an ancient Native American burial ground.  Just behind that particular street it’s quite woodsie with a drainage creek.  My friends and I use to go back there and catch frogs and it always seemed back in those trees it was a little darker perhaps heavier there but not so much were we would be scared to play.  So with that being said, I think what happened after and many tumultuous years onward was the result of waking up something, drawing the attention of something that was already there.  Not tied to the board.  Strange things occured.  Things being moved or missing.  And fights and arguments over crazy accusations amongst the girls.  I remember it being so nice, peaceful and loving in our home till that time and then it just seemed like all hell broke loose.  One time Tina and Aida got into such a bad fight Tina stabbed Aida in the arm with a wire hanger.  Sarah often bullied me and beat me up often.  If she got caught, my mom beat her.  Then my mom got into it often with the girls and everyone argued her all the time because she become so callous like the woman in the movie Mommie Dearest.    Dad would come home and he became insanely jealous always thinking my mom was cheating on him.  It was like living with Mister from The Color Purple.  Such a radical personality change.  They started fighting all the time.  He even got drunk one night and shot bullets off into one of the closets of my sister Tina’s room on the main level just after Carrie moved us younger ones from hiding in that closet to under the bed.  One night the fights got so bad my sister put me outside the window at night and told me to go to the neighbors.  I was in my underwear and it was the middle of winter.  Apparently I blacked it out but my sister Aida recounted the incident to me.  Apparently I was on the back door step of the neighbors all night since they never woke to let me in and in the chaos they forgot about me till morning.  Some how I survived without any side effects like frostbite or anything else.  As we got older things seemed to die down a bit but always every now and then things would kick off explosively ever 6 months or so.   One time a year or so after my sister Tina had a child out of wedlock but afterward did marry the guy, my dad got drunk and shot up the house and shot at my sister and just missed.  Her husband fled already because he knew my dad hated him.  I was just 9 at the time but came out my room to talk him down.  He calmed down.  The police arrived but of course mom bailed him out.  Another time they got into a really bad fight and my mom cut his back open.  Things were different back then, the laws and such so he was able to get the charges dropped after he got stitched up.  One time one of my dad’s trucker friends came by and spent the night in the basement.  Around the middle of the night we all woke to hear the man screaming at the top of his lungs in the basement.  We heard him running up the stairs shortly after like a stampeding elephant.  This big strong black man is huge like the Refrigerator Perry in denim overalls, 6′ 3″ or 6′ 4,” close to 400 pounds.  His eyes were bigger than quarters.  He told my parents he was leaving immediately.   That he would rather sleep in his truck then spend another second down there in that basement.  That he saw a shadow figure over him and it was strangling him in bed and it was so strong it took him a while to break free from it’s grip.  Needless to say he never stayed at our house again.  Also there were reports from others who visited and were down there seeing a shadow figure out of the corner of their eye.  Most of my sisters gradually married very young and quickly moved out of the home one by one.  But one in particular, Sarah never had any problems down there.  Her being the last girl, she actually liked it down there and made it like a little apartment for herself.  But her whole outter appearance changed.  She became moody and started wearing all black.  Constantly singing that old classic soul song Black Butterfly.    She frequently rebelled against my mom.  I remember her and my other sister Tina getting physical with my mom after arguments.  One time she mouthed off and disrespected my dad even and he started choking her and pinning her down to her bed.  Suddenly she gained superhuman strength and decked my dad so hard knocking him off of her and back onto the floor.  We are taking about a small teenage girl about 5′ 2″ knocking a fully grown 250 pound man onto his backside.  She took off from home a few days after that but eventually came back.  She still loves wearing black till this day.  Black nail polish too.  I also had an incident of which I wonder if that thing followed me to shool.  We were called to recess back when I was in 5th grade.  I was running at full throttle towards the door when suddenly something as only I can describe as a strong force held my right foot down and I went sailing into the wall to the right of the class room door.  I landed perfectly between where the wall meets with the floor.  I was bent into an L shape.  I seized up and could not breath.  I thought I was going to die.  The principal and nurse ran in and began telling me to breath over and over again and rubbing my chest telling me to relax.  I eventually caught my breath and was carried to the nurses room.  When my mom arrived they told her I had a ripped muscle in my lower left part of my back but I should fully recover and that I was young and would heal up ok.  I still have a dent in that area till this day.  Did that thing follow me and try to kill me?  Can’t say for certain but I’m 100 percent positive there was nobody near my right foot or some kid tripped me or something like that.    Okay, let’s get back to Sarah.  After her marriage Sarah and her husband moved around Nassau County to a few different places.  My parents eventually moved with me to Florida in the 80’s to develop their homestead there about 20 acres or so.  They called me their Little Last of the Mohicans and told me I would learn animal farming. That situation eventualy turned into a hybrid script of Green Acres, Good Times and Texas Chainsaw Massacre but only the animals got massacred no people luckily but that is another story.  Let me get back on topic.  My parents decided to rent the home in New York out.  After going through a few renters my sister Tina decided to rent it.  She and her husband had been separated so she decided go stay there.  But she could not afford all the rent and Sarah and her husband decided to move back into the home.  Tina moved into the basement but after frequent arguing with Sarah and her husband she moved out.  Sarah and her husband made out fine on their own there with their 3 children.  But eventually they started having the same battles as my parents had.  No guns or knives ever entered the situation thank God but it did get physical.  One time on a visit I witnessed her husband hit Sarah in the back of the head with a medium container of store bought potatoe salad.  Needless to say she had him arrested and she then later bailed him out.  That visit was in the 90’s.  An incident a few years before I believe, she snuck up on him whilst working on something in the yard and knocked him out cold with a 2 by 4 for putting his hands on her earlier.    Years later I flew up there in the early two thousands to visit and I noticed my nephew would draw pictures of demons.  Numerous ones.  Different kinds but mostly the same one with with horns like a goat.  I asked him why he did that.  He said he saw them in his dreams.  On another visit during Thanksgiving I was sitting at the dinner table letting my meal settle.  Everyone had gotten up and gone to their rooms but my neice lingered around.  She is my sister’s first born.  She eventually sat near me and told me that she loved her mom very much but sometimes she could be so evil towards her for no good reason.  She went on to say also that there was something very evil dwelling in the house.  One night she had been awakened to see an ink black figure coming out of her closet with glowing red eyes.  She said she closed her eyes and prayed and when she reopened them it was gone.  And guess where her room was… in the basement.  She never had too many problems after that so she stayed down there and made a nice home of it like an apartment.  She is a special girl with a glow all her own.  Not just beautiful on the outside but her heart and spirit on the inside too.  She occasionally caught a shadow lurking in the corner of her eye but nothing ever tried to attack her.    She married but it’s strange because even though they should be young and fertile like everyone else in the family they didn’t have children.  They got tested and were found to be normal.  Ten long years went by and I believe she cried about it in prayer and she finally got pregnant and had a little baby girl.  According to African legends the presence of certain kinds of evil spirits can cause barreness.  One time years ago during a really bad thunder and lightning storm there was a lot of arguing I heard going on too, lighting came down and struck the tree in the front yard, splitting it and killing it, causing the house and surrounding area to rumble and shake violently.  The tree had to be cut up and removed.  I loved that old oak as a child.  The front yard slanted down toward the street and that big old tree grew slanted also covering the white wooden fence, sidewalk and shaded a huge portion of the street in front of the house.  I used to run right up it to the branch hanging over the fence and sit there looking at the sky and letting my imagination go wild while watching the clouds roll by.  So many trees on our street but that particular one got struck dead.   Okay, fast forward to 2019.  This is the climax of everything I can tell you that I think got triggered by that damn Ouiji board.  I had a dream one night of seeing a bushel of bluish purple flowers.  Fire exploded around it but the flowers did not burn.  I woke up confused as to what that meant but ended up throwing it in the back of my mental rolodex and going to work.  A week later my sister Sarah’s home in New York burned down!  Even though the outer structure held up the interior was just gutted with fire to the roof top where a huge burn hole could be seen at the peak of the house in the cellphone recording and photos.  And at this time the house had a second level built and a new attic since years ago she and her husband had gotten a refinance on the house and a home equity loan and they put a lot of time and energy into remodeling the home.  I saw her video recording as the fire practically was exploding through the front door and pulsating like it was alive.  The Fire Department was very late, not unheard of in neighborhoods like that one in the town of Roosevelt.  It took them 25 minutes or so to get there and by then it was way too late.  My nephew woke up just in time to alert his parents, brother and sister’s family to get out of the house.  They all survived, but sadly my niece’s dog died in the basement.   Afterward they had to go rent a house.  She took a lot of pictures and recordings of the damage but one picture stood out.  Inside the middle of the house in the nook near the staircase leading up to the second story perfectly intact and not burned on a stand was a big vase.  It was a gift to her from our stepgrandmom many years ago before she died.  And get this.  The vase is decorated with bluish purple flowers like I saw in my dream!  Was her spirit there, protecting that area in the house?  Or even perhaps influenced my nephew to wake up early, getting everyone out of the home mear seconds before the house was engulfed in flames?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Even though she was the one who gave my sisters the Ouija board many years ago in the first place I really do not think she planned to deliberately cause our family so many serious problems.  I really believe she was ignorant of the consequences of her actions back then.  But perhaps she was there at the house that early morning influencing things to go in a good way?  Acting as a guardian perhaps?  I will never know for sure.  Afterward there was a short investigation into the cause of the fire but nothing was conclusively found as to the exact cause.  They did conclude one thing.  The fire started in, you guessed it, the basement.    I’m just so glad noone had been killed.  Sad that the dog suffered so… but that’s life.  And it’s a good thing, a great thing circumstances didn’t lead up to producing a far more worse scenario than what occured.  No tragic family funeral etc etc… one good thing though is they had great home insurance and the house has since been replaced.  My niece and nephew’s are back there with their kids and doing ok.  Nothing evil seems to be dwelling there anymore.  Perhaps the fire purged it all away.   But since the craziness hit in 2020 my sister and brother-in-law have decided to stay out of New York for now.  They have a home and land inheritance in Virginia from his father who passed.  They might move there permanently and let their kids and grandkids stay in the house in Long Island.    I know this was a long story What Lurks Beneath but I couldn’t clarify the domino effect that was caused by screwing around with a Ouija board without telling you everything I know in connection with it.  I also know that many people use Ouija boards and don’t have such horrific results.  Like I said earlier perhaps the major danger was WHERE it was used.  I believe after much learning and checking into occultic matters over the years that the board just opened a portal perhaps just a crack in an area where people really should not live for spiritual reasons and something or things got through.  Violating the sanctity of burial grounds doesn’t always lead to The Poltergeist movie type of scenario but it’s wise to check the history of the land or home you plan to move to before you move to it.  This is just one of many experiences I’ve witnessed in my life and even though I’m just a  truckdriver I’ve spent much of my spare time reading books and investigating on the net about supernatural problems and what the average person can do to fight back when faced with terrifying situations such as this one.    In my opinion after much reading and study as soon as the problem occured the home should of been blessed.   In every single room with all the closets and cabinets open.  Make sure your home is clean as a whistle beforehand. If you can’t get a pastor or a priest but you are a believer you can just pray over the rooms yourself with the good book in hand while whilst asking for all any evil in your home to leave with the windows open too.  Make sure you specify in your prayer request to close all portals in your home and on your land.  Afterwards you can light up incense, or even a scented candle, because evil spirits hate fragrant scents.   I would even go the extra mile and pray over some olive oil a touch it to the window frames and doors frames afterward.  Remember too that if you want evil gone from your home you and your family must not partake in evil.      That can cause what you asked to come and help you to withdraw from you and the evil can come back, with more help I might add. There are many different things you can do but these are the most simple I know of.  And never be afraid to talk to people you think might be able to help.  Nasty situations such as I’ve discussed are very hard to deal with and should be avoided at all costs being dealt with alone.  Always seek help if at all possible.  I’ve faced things like this before alone and I can tell you from experience doing spiritual warfare alone is dangerous and can sometimes turn out deadly.  Entities can and do put their ‘hands’ on you if they have an opening and can see whether you are protected or not.  There is an old film called the Entity which is based on a true story.   Very violent and very physical and all of it documented.    I hope should you read this entire account that it helps someone in your audience.  That is my greatest hope by telling this story.  If you can reach just one person you know?  Okay What Lurks Beneath.  I have more stories to tell you and as promised I will share them with you over time.  This telling took a lot out of me and it might be a while before I send you another one of my true accounts but I will do it when I can.  Again, to you and your audience take care, be safe and always pay attention to your instincts when looking for a home.  Never ignore your gut feelings and for the love of goodness please please please never give or allow your children to play with Ouija boards.


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    If the client wants to restructure his loan, but the bank for some reason does not agree to it, he can try to refinance it at another bank. Some banks refinance loans made by other credit institutions.

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    If the client wants to restructure his loan, but the bank for some reason does not agree to it, he can try to refinance it at another bank. Some banks refinance loans made by other credit institutions.

    Zpracování hypotečních transakcí

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