Unknown Entity In The Night

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About two years ago, in I think November, when I was 14 turning 15 December 29th is when this story happened. I live with my family on a farm outside of Chickasha Ok. We can see the Chickasha airport from our house. My chores include gathering any trash in the yard, field, or in one of two houses. I then have to take the trash down a drive way that is about a quarter mile long. So this night in November my mom says that this trash bag had something in it and I had to take it to the dumpster at the end of the driveway right now. Well I grabbed my phone which has a super bright flash light, a jacket, and the trash bag which was about 60 pounds. I at this point had never taken out the trash at night sense we had only been living here for probably 3 months. The moment I looked at the drive way I couldn’t see the other end, the trees that go down the driveway seemed to consume the light. The moon was barely visible and wasn’t giving off almost any light which didn’t help. I started walking down the driveway and noticed instantly that my phones flashlight wasn’t even able show me what was 10 feet in front of me. All was fine until I got to the middle of the driveway, when I heard the voice of a friend who had recently moved away say hello from the field to my left. I instantly stopped and shined the light into the field looking, and I saw nothing except 2 foot tall dry grass. I continued down the driveway listening closely for any noise. About 3/4 quarters down the driveway I heard so many different voices coming from that field all at once. The voices I recognized were my friend I mentioned above, my dad whom I don’t live with and hadn’t for a while, one of my other friend’s little sister, and my own voice with five I think I don’t recognize. They were saying my name and things I didn’t understand. They sounded as if they were coming with the wind. When I got to the end of the driveway it stopped. I throw the bag in the dumpster and looked into the field seeing absolutely nothing. No movement no sign that anything had been out there. For a moment I thought about calling or texting someone to tell them to come to the end of the driveway with a car but decided against it. Now that I think about it I should have turned on the camera of my phone but at the time I had just got the phone and was still getting used to it and I wasn’t thinking 100% clearly.

I decided that I would walk back down the driveway because I thought if it were an animal or something like that it would chase me if I ran. So I started to walk back listening and trying to stay calm, the voices started again as soon as I entered the drive way saying words like hi, time, and go or at least that is all I understood from the voices as they all spoke at once. I kind of started to walk fast to get back down the driveway quickly, but then I heard the sound of food steps in the grass. This whole time I hadn’t looked back to the grass just back to the house and when I finally looked back I saw a tall black shape as the light didn’t shine bright enough to show any features of what ever it was. I know it was tall 7-8 feet tall from what I could tell it had what look like long arms pressed against its sides and it was hunched over slightly. I turned around and started running the air was cold suddenly and it didn’t take long to hear a second set of feet hitting the gravel although clearly sounding like it was just jogging to get me and seemed to cover a lot of ground doing it as the sound of gravel grow louder. I got to the front yard and took off around the house jumping over the truck frame in the back car port and into the backdoor. I sat there for a moment watching the backyard thinking did it follow me home, is it outside after about two minutes I walk away from the door and to my room and my brothers who were in our room playing games didn’t hear a thing I told them about the voices and started to tell them about the figure and got stopped by one telling me I was making it up. So I never said anything else about the figure when I told the story just the voices. I did some research and concluded that it could have been a skin walker though I don’t know. Not to long after late November early December I got one of my friends over and his sister. I told them about the voices although never telling them I heard her voice that night. We decided we were going walk down the driveway and to the end of the road to see if anything happened. We talked my oldest brother into going with us and we picked up weapons just in case. Two pocket knives, a pipe, and my machete which I now bring with me if I have to take out the trash at night luckily that has only happened three more times so far and with no problem.

The first thing that they check out was if the driveway really did just consume the light which it did. Meand my brother have the same kind of phone, the friend had a flashlight, and his sister had a phone with a flashlight. With all of that light pointed to the driveway we could barely see 10 feet. We started the walk as I was walking with them I told them there was a few details I left out and told them about where I heard each voice, when the wind picked up when I saw a figure in the field and how the air was so cold after that but still left out the part where it chased me. We got to the end of the driveway and that is when my friend started being an asshole to his trying to get her to run of back home. Me and brother were trying to get him to stop as we walked down the road. At some point we thought we saw a figure at the end of the road but in the blink of an eye it was gone and so they just said it was s shadow. Almost half way between the end of the road and the driveway, my friend’s sister had enough of his comments and started walking back. At the time she had just turned 12 and only had a pocket knife on her so I said fuck you to my friend and ran to catch up with her to walk her back. She had revealed half way down the drive way that the was depressed and had cut herself because her brother was so mean to her. I was pissed at him but she said don’t tell any one so I didn’t do anything just walked back to the house with her and comforted her. So when we got to the room we started playing games and talking. After what seemed like an hour my brother and friend came in and said how long have you been in here. The game we were playing had timed matches set to 5 minutes and we had already gone through one whole game and particle through another match. So we had been back in the house for eight minutes but they as they turned to walk back to the house saw a figure walk from the field across from our driveway to our driveway seemingly walking over a fence. They started running and when the got to the end of the driveway saw nothing looking down the driveway. They walked back and we haven’t done that again.


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